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Our most recent CQC Inspection in March 2017 noted:

A person told us, “They are all caring and spend time and listen to me.”

Another person said, “It is as caring as you can get, we are all very lucky to be here.”

One person said, “Staff always make sure I use the lift, so I feel safe.”

Another person told us they felt reassured, as staff always supported them when they chose to move around the home.

A third said, “There is always someone around, they all come over and ask you if you are OK, if you need anything.”

One person told us, “The food is very nice and there is plenty of it.”

Another person said how much they enjoyed the food provided and told us, “I like being able to choose what I eat, it makes it that bit more special.”

A relative we spoke with said staff regularly checked their family member was having the right amount to eat.

A person said, “Staff are mindful of my privacy when I have a bath.”

A relative we spoke with told us they were confident their family member’s dignity needs were met by staff.

A relative said, “They keep you in touch with everything. They always give you a phone call and let you know if anything changes.”

Every person we spoke with told us their relatives were able to visit them at any time, and were made welcome by staff.

Another relative told us staff had put plans in place so their family member’s faith needs would be met. The relative told us their family member was comforted by the regular church visits which were made to the home.

One person told us, “They let me volunteer sometimes to help out with tasks, I prefer to be doing something.”

A person told us, “I have no issues and would talk to the staff as everyone here will listen to you.”


Hinstock Manor Residential Home often receive thank you cards and letters, some of which are detailed below:

On behalf of all concerned family and friends attending Renee’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at Hinstock Manor Care Home on Friday the 10th August 2018, I write and express the genuine appreciation for the kindness, care and special attention and work given to the celebration by the staff members.  

Especially to thoseresponsible for the decorative ambience of the room which provided such a welcome to the gathering, likewise to the preparation of the food and its layout, not forgetting the Birthday cake which was very tasty.

For Renee herself it was a most wonderful day with the ability to have friends and family around which she herself very much appreciated.



 To Everyone who care for my Grandmother throughout her time at Hinstock,

With thanks and deep gratitude.                                                                                       



A huge thank you to you all for the outstanding care, love and kindness shown to my mother.

Lots of love.



To Sian and all the wonderful, wonderful staff at Hinstock Manor.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our precious mother for the last two years.

We know mum was very happy at Hinstock and was full of praise for your care to her.

Also in our time of need you were all so caring to all of us when we needed it most (especially the cups of tea) that were most appreciated!!

Many thanks again and God bless.



Thank you to all the staff at Hinstock Manor,

For taking care of my Nanny…… and with special thanks to Yvonne.

From the family




Thank you all,

For looking after…. for this last week. It has meant a great deal to me. Given me a well needed break. Please put this money in your comfort fund and once again thank you…




To Everyone

We would just like to thank all the staff for the kindness and care given to mum during her time living at Hinstock. We all know she was very safe and happy here and this was down to the dedication and compassion of you all.

Thank you

The family



Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ so much for all your care, help, support and friendliness you showed mum, and us, as a family.

It is very much appreciated. You have a lovely care home and the staff are exceptional.

Best wishes,


Dear Sian,

I just wanted to Thank You and Linda for taking Dad to Llandudno on Monday and for giving us the lovely photos of the day. I know he really enjoyed himself. He loved the sea air ( and fish and chips)

Thank you and all your staff for the care, companionship and love you give to Dad everyday. He couldn’t have a better place to call home.

With love and best wishes



Thank you for everything you do for Dad

Love from… xxx



To all the staff at Hinstock,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after … over the last 7 years.

We could not think of a better, more friendly and more caring place for our dad to live. Each and every one of you made a difference to dad’s life. It has been a great comfort to know he was so well looked after by such lovely people.

With all our love and gratitude xx



To all the wonderful carers who loved and cared for …. during her 6 year stay at Hinstock.

Thank you so much for helping to make her stay so happy. She was looked after so well and apart from the rare day when she was not feeling well, she was always cheerful and loved you all.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the thankful and lovely memorial to mum. We will always be grateful for everything you did.

Love and best wishes xx



Just to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all the love and care you have shown to Phil whilst he has been with you.

You have a very wonderful team,

Thank you so much,

Love and best wishes.


To all the staff at Hinstock Manor

You have made a home for mum and a family like home for us to visit

Love from..


To all the lovely staff

I would like to thank you all for the care and kindness afforded to mum over the past year and particularly the last weeks of mum’s life, when she needed you most while enduring the cruel dementia that took her life.



Many thanks Sharon for letting me know this and hope this will be OK to leave with you until I next visit mum in a week or so?

 I saw mum on Saturday, and she looked well, and settled as best as can be expected. She is believing the doctor is soon to give her the OK to return home, but she isn’t sure to which home, still believing she own’s several houses. I’m not sure mum was sure who I was, but was pleased to see me regardless.

 I accompanied mum for her lunch with the other residents. I felt the kindness, respect and care towards the residents evident in the staff in  attendance was heart warming, and they are doing an excellent job. They really are.

Kind regards


To Val and Staff,

On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you for your kindness and care shown to my Aunt over the last two and a half years. She would like especially to thank Sue for the kindness and concern she showed during the last few hours of my Aunt’s life.

Thank you so much   


To all the Nursing Staff,

Thank you all for all your kind care and helpfulness to William, during his stay at the Manor.

From x


Sian & Staff,

Thank-you all so much for the care and attention that my mum received from you all during her years at Hinstock Manor.

It was an unfortunate accident that brought her to you, but in a way it was really the best thing at that time, as I was noticing that she couldn’t look after herself and was losing interest in life.

She was very lonely but found lots of companionship with you. I knew she was safe and having the correct medication and beginning to enjoy life more.

Visiting the Manor was always very pleasant with every on creating a loving environment. Your care for her in her later months was excellent, but sadly she passed on to a better life.

Thank-you for attending the service and your lovely card,

Best Wishes & Thanks.


Dear Hinstock Manor,

Please show this letter to the many it concerns.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to everybody for the care Connie received at Hinstock. Once she has settled she regarded Hinstock as her home. She was happier during the last 18 months than she had been in her lonely little bungalow.

Although she could her speak she watched everybody with interest, you could see that her eyes were tonight with interest. She loved Denise’s active days. She found great comfort in receiving Holy Communion for the girls at St. Peters. She enjoyed the outings especially visiting Goldstone Hall where she once lived.

My thanks go to the catering staff for accommodating her need for ‘soft’ food, and for all the ice cream she had!

But above all my sincerer thanks for all the tender loving care she received during her last few weeks, special thanks goes to all the girls.

Your care was very professional; each time we visited we could leave knowing that everything that was needed was being done.

Blessing on you all she has a long life and I will miss her greatly. Please give many thanks to Sian for making Hinstock such an excellent home. I wish you all continued success.


To all at Hinstock Manor,

Thank you to you all for looking after our mum so well during her stay with you. Marjorie also received a lovely warm welcome when she arrived and that made all the difference. We could she enjoyed her time there and it was very reassuring to know she was receiving that best of care.

You’re all lovely!

 Thanks again from …..x


 To Sian and all the wonderful staff at the Manor.

We wont try and name you incase we miss someone out! We want to say a big, big thank-you for looking after Florence in such a caring and loving way.

It’s been reassuring for all the family knowing she was in a safe and loving environment even when Florence was a little difficult you’re all been so patient and understanding.

Thank – you all so much.


To All the Staff at Hinstock Manor,

Just a quick note to show my appreciation for the outstanding care and attention that you has given to my mother.

Being located in Canada, it has been comforting to know that she has spend the last year or so of her life at Hinstock Manor, where you have all contributed to providing her with the best possible quality of life, given her medical circumstances.

When we came over to visit her, in May of 2011, we were very impressed with the friendliness& competency of all the staff that we met, and the quality of the facilities. I am also especially thankful that during her last days instead of being send to hospital, you kept her among friends and in the environment that had become home to her.

Talking with my sister, I found it heart warming to hear that all of you show genuine care for the residents (just one example I hear that my mother looked forward to the jolly chatter from the cleaning ladies in the morning) Although I didn’t manage to get to talk with the ladies at the funeral I do appreciate you attending.

Thank you all once again and I hope you have fond memories of Dorothy as we do, may she rest in peace.

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