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Dementia Care

When a loved one is initially diagnosed with dementia it can be a really worrying time.  However, they are certainly not alone as according to the Alzhiemer’s society there are over 80,000 people in the UK currently living with dementia, with the number of people predicted to need dementia care increasing to over one million by 2021.  Dementia is a progressive disease however at Hinstock Manor we recognise and understand that residents with dementia care needs can still have rich and productive lives.

Some people with dementia have other illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult for them to remain at home. At Hinstock Manor we not only help residents with personal care such as washing, dressing and eating, we also have staff who have specialist training in dementia care.  The team at Hinstock Manor undertake initial induction training on dementia and dementia care, with some going on to study more specialised courses including the effects of dementia on communication, nutrition and behaviours. Hinstock Manor Residential Care Home provides good quality care that preserves dignity, treats people with respect and promotes independence, with the aim of enriching the lives of residents.

Hinstock Manor is a Residential Care Home with nursing care needs met through the district nursing service and community psychiatric nurses.  Everyone with dementia is different. For some people with dementia the main problems that they experience will be dementia-related i.e. confusion or forgetfulness, making Hinstock Manor the perfect environment for them.  For other people with dementia their main problems may be caused by a different condition, such as a stroke, where mobility has been seriously impaired, in which case a Nursing Home may be more appropriate. Please telephone us or visit and we will discuss your situation and together we can assess whether Hinstock Manor is the right place for you or your loved one.

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