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At Hinstock Manor Residential Care Home we believe in seven core principles which ensure our residents enjoy the care home life they deserve and expect:

1.  Autonomy – promotion of individual autonomy, self-determination and choice, and control over decision-making;

2.  Achievement – regulation of individual ability and potential for personal development, and of the social and environmental barriers to achieving potential;

3.  Citizenship – maintenance of entitlements associated with citizenship under UK law, including protection from discrimination, harassment, exploitation or abuse, neglect, degrading or inhuman treatment;

4.  Individuality – respect for individuality, privacy and dignity, and maintenance of self-esteem in all situations;

5.  Diversity – respect for age, ethnic and cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunity;

6.  Well-Being – promotion of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being;

7.  Inclusion – promotion of social and economic inclusion and participate in community life.

It is so important that throughout resident’s care home life they retain as many life skills as possible.  This is why Hinstock Manor has a full and varied Activities Programme for residents, which builds on these seven principles, to ensure resident’s care home life is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.  These activities are specifically designed to maintain independence by encouraging residents to carry out normal daily tasks. These may include for example washing the dishes, dusting and vacuuming their rooms, laying the table, going shopping etc. anything that they are still able to do with some guidance, help and support. This is supplemented with a comprehensive Activities Programme that includes home-based activities such as board games, chair aerobics, visiting musicians, hairdresser and beautician and trips out to nearby towns, garden centres and attractions.   Details of the week’s activities are posted on the Residents Board in the Care Home.

The communal rooms at Hinstock Manor are spacious – there are two lounges, so residents can enjoy reading a book, having a chat, watching television, listening to music or joining in any of the organised activities.

There is also a secure garden area where residents are able to go out and get some fresh air, potter about with the plants or just sit and enjoy being outdoors.

Quality Care At Hinstock Manor.

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